How much is a membership?
Our monthly subscriptions start at $160/month for part-time students ($40 per week on a payment plan). We offer 8 classes per month (class 2 times per week) for $160/month, 12 classes per month (class 3 times per week) for $240/month ($60 per week on a payment plan), 16 classes per month (class 4 times per week) for $320/month ($80 per week on a payment plan), and full-time Monday - Friday, class everyday for $400/month ($100 per week on a payment plan). See our pricing section. 
Do you offer payment plans?
We offer weekly payment plans and can customize the date your credit card is first charged if you are ready to sign up to confirm your child's spot, but need to wait for an upcoming payday. Just ask!
 How long is each class?
Your overall experience is 60-70 minutes. Class is 50 - 60 minutes. We start with our Morning Circle Time (25 minute) and take a 5 minute break while remaining signed on Zoom. During the break students can wiggle, dance, go to the bathroom, have a snack, and get ready to continue the fun. The second half of class we engage in projects, art, building, science experiments, cooking, and Spanish lessons. We also have one-on-one playdates everyday (up to 10 minutes) with your teacher or a friend from class to build deeper connections and social skills.
Is there a sibling discount?
There is no additional cost for students from the same household. Siblings can join at no additional cost!
Do I have to start my free trial on a Monday?
No! You can start your trial whenever is convenient for you. We welcome you to enjoy a free trial class to check us out!
What if my child does not want to participate?
It takes children time, consistency, and support to get comfortable with interacting online with a preschool teacher seeing and socializing with other peers their age on-screen. Just like in the class room, we advise parents to be supportive and consistent with introducing their child to their new preschool experience (or any new routine!). As educators, we don't give up if a child has a hard day, we support them and practice their new routine and try again! 
What happens after my trial?
If you enjoy your experience, we welcome you to choose a monthly subscription plan that fits your family's needs. We offer both part-time and full-time monthly subscription plans. Please see our pricing section for more information. Once you subscribe as a member, you may seamlessly continue attending classes. 
What are my options to join?
To continue with us after your free trial, you must select a monthly subscription plan. We have both full-time and part-time monthly subscriptions (see our pricing section). Your subscription will automatically renew monthly (every 30 days), and you can cancel at any time (we also provide a prorated refund for full-time students if our holiday closures result in less than 20 days of monthly classes, as we want to ensure you always receive the value you are paying for!).
Can I cancel?
Yes, you may cancel anytime! You may email us at to get assistance to cancel. 
Can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds, but you may cancel at anytime so that you membership does not automatically renew for the next month. For members, we do offer prorated refunds if our holiday closures result in less than 20 days of monthly classes, as we want to ensure you always receive the value you are paying for! Part-time students can make up their classes on any day(s) if they are impacted by a school holiday closure. 
How do I logon to join class?
We join as a group each Monday - Friday at on Zoom. We will email you each day the login information along with the materials and printouts you need for class the next day. If you don't see your curriculum email, please check your spam or promotions folder. You may reach out to us at for further assistance.  
Do I need materials for class?
Our approach to learning is audio, visual, and hands-on. You will receive a daily curriculum email with information on the next day's class agenda, any materials needed for class the next day, as well as the upcoming week. Most materials are items you likely have around your house such as markers, crayons, paper, scissors, tape, glue, and so on. There will also be links in the daily curriculum email with project materials to print for class. 
Do I need a printer?
A printer is not required but it is recommended. Since our approach to learning includes being hands-on, your teacher will email you daily worksheets and project materials that will support the activity for the next day. If you are unable to print your materials for class, just let your teacher know and she or he will adjust their conversation with your child so they remain engaged! If you need to access a printer outside of your home, let us know and we will email you the entire week's printouts at once on Friday so you have the weekend to get prepared. 
Do you offer afternoon classes?
We have 4 classes daily at 8:45am PST, 10am PST, 11:15am PST, and 2pm PST (these times are in Pacific Standard Time, please convert to your local time zone). 
Do you close on holidays?
Yes. We are a real preschool with real preschool teachers and follow a traditional holiday schedule. We want to ensure you receive the value you are paying for, therefore if holiday closures result in less than 20 days during the billing cycle for full-time students, we will provide you a pro-rated refund that month. Part-time students may schedule their classes around the holiday closures as their classes can be used flexible on any days during the month: 
During 2022 we are closed on the following dates:

Martin Luther King Day - January 17 (Monday)

President’s Day - February 21 (Monday)
Spring Break - April 11 - 15
Memorial Day - May 30 (Monday)

Independence Day Observed - July 4 (Monday)

Summer Break - July 18 – July 29
Labor Day - September 5 (Monday)
Columbus / Indigenous Peoples’ Day - October 10 (Monday)

Veteran’s Day - November 11 (Friday)
Thanksgiving Holiday - November 23 – 25
Winter Break -December 19 – December 30

How do I choose which days I want to attend?
 You will use our EASY online booking tool to choose which classes you would like to attend each week. You can always reschedule or cancel your class if something comes up (you will never lose your classes, you can always use them on a future day).  
What if I can't attend class once I'm a Cloud Kidz member?
You can't make it to class, no sweat! We encourage consistent participation with a routine schedule (whether that's part-time or full-time), but if life gets in the way, we will see you the next day that you can attend! 
Is there a part-time option?
Yes! You have the option to attend 2 times a week or 3 times per week or 4 times a week if a 5 days per week schedule isn't a fit for your family. The 2 days per week part-time schedule provides you 8 classes per month. We will inquire what consistent weekly schedule you would like to attend (so your teacher can prepare for your attendance) but if you ever can't make it to your regularly scheduled class day, we will always allow you to reschedule or cancel and choose a make up class day of your choice.
Is full-time better than part-time?
We have observed children are more engaged the more often they attend, as they benefit from the continuity of learning and the consistent routine. 
I have never used Zoom, what do I do?
Download the Zoom app on your tablet, laptop, or computer (no cell phones to connect to class please). Zoom will walk you through creating a free account with your e-mail. From there, you will enter in the meeting id and password emailed to you daily to join class every weekday morning. Need someone to walk you through it by phone, no problem! Email us at to schedule a walk-through. 
Does my child need a computer to attend?
We recommend a tablet, laptop, or computer to attend class on Zoom. No cell phones to connect to class please, we find it difficult for preschoolers to engage with a live teacher and cohort of friends on a small phone sized screen.
Are there classroom rules I should know about?
Just like in-person traditional preschool classrooms, once you join, your teacher will welcome you and share the online classroom rules such as muting / unmuting your mic when called upon, raising your hand, being kind to your adult at home assisting you with class, waiting your turn, and so on. No prep work required, you will be on-boarded and welcomed as a new student once you join!
Do I need to help my child during class?
Just like in-person traditional preschool classrooms have a teacher assisting children with their learning and interactions, our online classes require adult supervision. During class you may need to assist your child on muting / unmuting their microphone to participate in singing and discussion as well as help children with their hands-on learning (adjusting their pencil grip, assembling their dinosaur's tail, and so on). 
What age does my child need to be?
Just like our in-person traditional preschool classrooms, our online classrooms are geared towards a mixed age group. Children range from 3 - 5 years old in our online class. Our skilled teachers are able to adapt their questions, discussions, projects, and directions to keep each child engaged depending on their age and skills. 
Is my child really going to get the preschool experience?
Yes! Your child will have a REAL and consistent preschool teacher engaging with your child LIVE daily. Children will have a consistent cohort of friends that they see each day, just like in traditional in-person classrooms. Children will socialize with each other, practice raising their hand, answering questions, waiting their turn, and building their fine motor skills, creativity, confidence, and problem solving skills doing projects, art, science experiments, cooking, music, learning about new countries, and Spanish lessons. Cloud Kidz online preschool is the future of online learning!
Have more questions? 
No problem! You can request a call or email us at You can also text us at (415) 942-2483‬.
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