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Live Online Preschool from home for your child for ONLY $49.99/mo


✏️ Everyday Monday - Friday 1 Hour of Online Preschool

✏️ Children meet their teacher live on Zoom at 2:15pm EST (convert to your timezone).

✏️ Preschool Curriculum and Printouts will be emailed weekly to bring to class.

✏️ Children learn Preschool Foundations: ABCs, 123, Phonics, Math, Tracing & Writing, Shapes, Colors, do Art, Science, and Social Studies. 

✏️ Class Recordings emailed everyday to access class on-demand too, anytime that week.

Sneak peak into class

Your child's real class will be LIVE

& will include FRIENDS their age!

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Light Blue Minimalist Illustrative Biology Class Rules Poster (Facebook Post (Landscape))

A Message for Mom & Dad....

Not all parents can afford traditional preschool. Not all parents are ready to send-off their child to a big classroom. Not all parents have access to a high-quality school. This list goes on. Every family's journey and needs are different. 


As a mother of 3 young daughters and a Founder of traditional in-person preschool programs in San Francisco, I worked with our teachers to design a special curriculum and customized learning approach for young learners.


Cloud Kidz Online Preschool prepares children for preschool and kindergarten from anywhere in the world, with a best-in-class LIVE  virtual classroom!


- Nisha P., Founder

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Meet your teachers

Teacher Jazmine

Jazmine is our very own Disney super star at Cloud Kidz Preschool. Her engaging teaching style makes children feel like they are interacting with a star! Ms. Jazmine builds her children's literacy, math, writing, and problem solving skills all while having a blast. Children will dance, raise their hand, and try new things to build their excitement and love for learning.

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Teacher Marinelle

Marinelle’s teaching style is fun for both parents and students with a virtual classroom full of laughter and learning. Children can't wait to return to class to do their fun hands-on science, art, and math activities. Learning phonics has never been so easy and silly than with Teacher Marinelle! Stories, puppets, and games fill each class to learn preschool foundational skills. 

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Questions anyone?

Q: What is class like?

A: Class is about 1 hour long and students and teachers meet live using the free Zoom app. If you can't make it to our daily live class time at 2:15pm EST, then you can watch class on-demand (anytime that week) during your availability. 

Class is fun, exciting, and full of learning! Your child's teacher is bubbly and a blast! She will lead your child through a Circle Time learning activity the first half of class (about 20 minute) and after a short 5 minute break, class will continue with a hands-on project (about 20 minutes)We will sing songs, dance, learn ABCs, phonics, 123s, sight words, math, tracing / writing, science, and art! 

Q: How is this different than Cloud Kidz classes that cost $20/class?

A: The preschool curriculum (worksheets), teachers, and class is exactly the same. Your child will still receive the same high quality education online via a live Zoom class from the safety and convenience of their home.


What's different is that class sizes will not be capped to small groups (class attendance will depend on how many students sign-on that day) and students may not turn on the microphones to discuss with their teacher their thoughts, ideas, and answers as they can in our Small Group Classes.


Teachers will not call on / turn on individual students' microphones to answer questions, rather they will ask one sided questions to promote thought and ideas among the group. Class will be interactive as teachers guide students as a group through their activities, and give occasional shoutouts so students feel seen and valued. Students will respond in class with pointing to their answers, clapping, thumbs up / down making class an interactive experience. 

Q: How big are classes? 

A: For our new "Cloud Kidz Interactive Class"  membership, we do not limit the number of students that may attend our virtual classroom. For small, personalized classes with a teacher student ratio of 1:8, please see our homepage for more information on our Small Group Classes and our pricing page to sign up. The number of students in our new Interactive Class membership will vary daily depending on the attendance rates that day. 

Q: How do I join class? What time is the live class?

A: We will email you weekly with a unique set of Zoom link to join class each day, Monday - Friday. If you can't make it to class during the daily live 2:15pm EST session, no problem! We will record class each day for you to do anytime that week!

Q:  Does my child get to talk during class? 

A: Our new "Cloud Kidz Interactive Class"  membership is interactive. Teachers will ask students one-sided questions, provide directions and encouragement during activities, and give shoutouts during each class so children feel seen and engaged. Students will be able to respond with thumbs up, showing their answer, pointing, clapping, and dancing with their teacher. All students will be on mute the entire class. For classes with personalized conversation with a 1-on-1 teaching style please see our Personalized Group Learning for more information and a free trial, and our pricing page to sign up. 

Q:  What if I can't make it to the live class at 2:15pm EST?

A: Not to worry! We record our live class daily so you can still watch and learn from the class at your convenience. We save your class recordings to watch on-demand until Sunday of each week. 

Q:  What if I want part-time?

A: You may attend as little or as much as you would like. We have students that attend only once per week and others that attend everyday. At our low cost, affordable rate, you can afford to attend on a schedule that best suits your family! Any schedule with us will benefit your child's growth and development. Attending class will be both entertaining and will prepare them for success in kindergarten!

Q:  What do I bring to class? Are there materials?

A: We will email you every Friday the upcoming week's class information. It will include a description of class each day, what materials we recommend you bring, and a few printouts most often. Feel free to be creative with your materials (we get our supplies from our local dollar store). If you don't have access to a printer, you can also sketch the printouts yourself. Although you are not required to bring the materials to attend class, we do recommend bringing the materials so your child has a more engaging and hands-on learning experience. 

You need a tablet, laptop, or phone to join us using the free Zoom app

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#1 Preschool from home program in the USA

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