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Personalized Group Learning is small classes with up to only 8 students. Our amazing and bubbly teachers tailor lessons to each individual child based on their academic and social skill level. There is a high level of participation as students share their ideas and ask questions to their teacher and classmates.

You will receive a customized curriculum by email weekly with worksheets to bring to class for hands-on learning and fun. There is also a playdate at the end of every class to promote friendships and social skills! The teacher knows each child personally forming a unique bond, fostering trust and learning. 

There are two class levels in Personalized Group Learning: Preschool Foundations for beginners 3-4 year olds and Kindergarten Prep for 4-6 year olds. Monthly memberships start at $80/month. See Pricing for Month to Month Memberships (cancel anytime).

Our Teachers

Teacher Danielle

Ms. Danielle has over a decade of experience teaching preschoolers in her classrooms. She uses project based learning to teach children their pre-k fundamentals. Ms. Danielle brings a warm and loving atmosphere to her virtual classroom to help children feel comfortable to try new things and bond with their classmates. Her students love playing "hide and seek" during their after class playdates with her and playing weather reporter during circle time sharing the weather in their city into her toy microphone! Teacher Danielle is a master class teacher that teaches both the Preschool Foundations Class as well as the Kindergarten Prep class.

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Teacher Marinelle

Ms. Marinelle’s teaching style is fun for both parents and students with a virtual classroom full of laughter and learning. Ms. Marinelle engages each child in a unique and personal way to encourage their growth and development both academically and socially. Children can't wait to return to class to share about their experiences both in and out of her virtual classroom! Teacher Marinelle focuses on 4-6 year olds preparing for Kindergarten and 1st grade. 

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Teacher Jazmine

Ms. Jazmine is our very own Disney super star at Cloud Kidz Preschool. Her engaging teaching style makes children feel like they are interacting with a star! Ms. Jazmine builds her children's literacy, math, writing, and problem solving skills all while having a blast. Children will dance, raise their hand, and try new things to build their excitement and love for learning. Teacher Jazmine teaches our Kindergarten Prep Class to help children get the practice they need to be successful in and out of their classroom! 

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